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Q. How do I buy or hire items and pay?

A. Once you have had a look through the website, email me on the contact page with any items you would like to order, the date of the party and your address and contact number.

I will get back to you very quickly to confirm your order and book everything in.

On the week of the party I will email you to check you don’t need any changes made to your order, and invoice you.

You can have everything you need for your little ones party delivered or picked
up a few days before the party; hopefully making life as easy as possible for a busy mum.

Q. How many chairs fit around your tables?

A. Go to Table Configurations

Q. Do you deliver?

A. We do a delivery/pick up service for most areas in New Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Or you can pick up from Egmont Village.

Q. Is the rental amount for only one day?

A. If you rent furniture for a party on Saturday or Sunday we will deliver; or you can pick up from the Thursday before, and drop back, or have picked up on Monday. This way we don’t disturb you in the weekend and you have plenty of time to set up.

Q. Will the table fit in my car?

A. Most tables are 150cm long and fit in the back of any car that has back seats that fold down.  I will help you load your car.

Q. Can you drop off if we are not at home during the day?

A. We are happy to leave the goods outside in a safe covered area.

Q. What happens if something gets damaged?

A. We will charge a replacement cost for anything that is damaged beyond repair.

Q. Do you come to the location and set the party up?

A. Sorry but we don’t have that service available yet.

Q. Do we need to clean the goods?

A. You don’t have to do anything, we clean and sterilise everything.
Give the oilcloth a wipe with a damp cloth if there’s food on it, and roll it back up dry; and just rinse the mini milk bottles.

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